Adult Faith Formation

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How to Become Catholic Through the RCIA Program
How to receive the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist
in the Catholic Church

The process for becoming Catholic or completing the sacraments of Intitation in the Catholic Church is known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Our sessions meet most Thursday nights throughout the year at 7 p.m. beginning with Breaking Open of the Word prayer in the church. If you are thinking about becoming Catholic, the beginning Inquiry sessions will help you get started. Please contact the parish office to register before attending, this way we can assess your needs and discuss with you the best plan to help you get ready for baptism, confirmation and Eucharist. Ordinarily the process takes nine months to a year (occasionally longer), depending on whether or not you are already baptized and other individual needs.

If you are a baptized Catholic who only needs Confirmation, please see the information under “Adult Confirmation.”

Questions may be directed to Ivana Meshell, our Director of Adult Faith Formation.
More information can be emailed to you.
Sessions begin on Thursday, August 21 at 7:00 pm starting with prayer in the church. Anyone can join us at any time. If you need to receive sacraments or would like to join the Catholic Church, contact  us  to  get started.

Upcoming Topics:
August 21
Creation, Sin, Fall & Redemption—how did we get in this mess? How we get out!

August 28
Paschal Mystery/Salvation—Jesus saves us through his life, death and resurrection.

September 4
The Person of Jesus Christ & Incarnation—understanding Jesus whom we love.

September 11
Divine Revelation—Scripture: What Catholics believe about the Bible.

September 18
Creeds and Doctrines—what Catholics believe and profess.

September 25
Liturgical Life—Introduction to Liturgy & Liturgical Year—how the year Church works.

October 2
Introduction to the Sacraments: The source of grace and mercy.

October 9
Initiation: Baptism and Confirmation, Call to Service I’m a disciple of Jesus.

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“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”
Quote by Corrie Ten Boom
Dutch Christian who helped many Jews escape the Holocaust and was imprisoned for doing so.

Steer with us…please pray five minutes this week for the people of our parish.


What would happen if we all prayed for one another for five minutes each week?
Starting in October 2013, we are encouraging our parishioners to pray just 5 minutes each week for all the people of our parish. If 6000 people pray for 5 minutes, that's 30,000 minutes or 500 hours of prayer offered to our Eternal Father for one another. Imagine the kind of power that will come from this magnitude of prayer!

 5 minute prayers are posted in our weekly bulletin and on our Pinterest page--read along, or simply pray from your heart!


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Divine Office
Together with the Mass and the sacraments, it is the official, public prayer of the Church.

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If you need childcare during any Adult Faith Formation activity, meeting or event, please contact the parish office at 281-446-8211 to ask about nursery care.

Our nursery is temporarily understaffed and we are working on getting back up to full speed. Please inquire if you need help.

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